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Son Jeong-eui said, “I Will Concentrate on Information & Communication Industry”

Son Jeong-eui said, “I Will Concentrate on Information & Communication Industry”

Posted August. 20, 2002 22:16,   


Established in June 2000, NASDAQ JAPAN decided to abolish the market owing to a withdrawal of US Nasdaq on August 19.

Korean-Japanese businessman, Son Jeong-eui (Masayashi Son) put a stop toward the Internet World as the president of SoftBank.

Mr. Son had expanded the business rapidly through making NASDAQ JAPAN with Nasdaq and acquiring the bank for ‘venture company development’. But, finally he has given up the business due to the long-term depression and the stock stagnation. This is the worst time for him.

In an interview with the press, Mr. Son said, “I will concentrate on the information & communication industry. I will not participate in the stock market operation for venture companies including ‘Japan New Market’ stock market”.

He said, “I have revolutionized the Japanese stock market taking 23 years up to stock disclosure after establishing the company as the list standard has been be eased largely after establishing the Nasdaq Japan. So, I think that I have achieved the half the goal which aims at changing the Japanese system.”

Mr. Son who owns the 42% of equities of Nasdaq Japan said, “Softbank could select the

Nasdaq Japan, but the stock market operation is not our main profession. I will plan to

focus the business resource on the broad band (high speed communication with large


He acquired the Nippon Credit Bank (Aozora bank) for the purpose of increasing the

loan or investment on the venture companies, but has progressed the stocks sales after

2 years from the acquisition owing to the financial difficulty of the information &

communication business.

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