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[Opinion] Dangerous Sex

Posted August. 15, 2002 22:27,   


Even in advanced countries where lobbies legally take place, lobbying scandals involving attractive women catch the public attention from time to time. Arms sales companies hire attractive female lobbyists to offer sex deals to high-ranking officials in an attempt to persuade them to pull strings.

It also happens quite often that entertainers disclose their relationships with those in power to catch the spotlight or boost sales of their autobiographies. Arms lobbyist Linda Kim recently stole the spotlight, whether she wanted to do so or not, by exchanging intimate letters with former defense minister and allegedly having an improper relationship.

▷ Although civic organizations called for formal investigations into the improper relationship, it was not easy to conduct a probe because of the blurred line between lobbying activities and illegal soliciting, not to mention that the two parties made contradicting statements. While the scandal became the talk of the town, it was an open question whether the aging minister lured by an attractive lobbyist was being naïve or immoral.

Supreme court ruling says that having sex as well as treating sex is considered offering bribes. Offering sex is easier than offering cash in terms of physical evidence, but it can lead to a much more dangerous outcome. The person involved was not only put in jail but also shunned out by his or her family.

▷ The prosecution reportedly found evidence of the sex offerings which have long been believed to prevail in the entertainment industry. Those working at broadcasting companies have sex with new faces in return for casting. Some entertainment dailies are even using the initials of top actresses involved, although the details have yet to be confirmed.

It is said that some young women are more than willing to offer sex for success, while some others are picked by broadcasting company officials. Once they become stars after offering sex, the relationship is turned upside down - the officials are now eager to invite the big names.

▷ It is also speculated that management firms have serve as intermediaries in behalf of politicians and business leaders. If things unravel, the investigation might turn to an unprecedented sex scandal involving the political and business circle. And it reminds us of the ‘safe sex’ slogan crafted to promote the AIDS prevention campaign. Offering and receiving sex is a dangerous path to disgrace. The ongoing investigation, then, will teach one valuable lesson of safe sex to big names in the entertainment industry.