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Whistle-blower Keeps More Tapes

Posted August. 12, 2002 22:38,   


Kim Dae-up, former military medical official, who raised an allegation that Jung-yeon, the eldest son of Lee Hoi-chang, presidential candidate of the Grand National Party (GNP), dodged military conscription, submitted a 5 to 6 minute-long audiotape and its transcript to the prosecution on the 12th. He argued that the tape would be decisive evidence to investigators.

Kim is said to keep dozens of audiotapes, which he asserted contain testimonies to prove draft-dodging cases of influential figures. He is reportedly mulling over turning in the tapes to the prosecution.

Kim maintained that the tape and its transcript he turned over to the prosecution contains a testimony of Kim Do-sul, former military medical official that he received 20 million won from Han In-ok, Lee Hoi-chang`s wife in return for having her eldest son exempted from military service.

He also said that testimonies in the tape showed a former prime minister and a lieutenant general were involved in other draft-dodging scandals.

Kim released part of the transcript, in which important parts such as real names were removed, to reporters on the same day.

The prosecution is planning to analyze the contents of the tape and transcript, then investigate Kim Do-sul, who is currently staying in the US on the reason he had a conversation with Kim Dae-up and discover whether the tape is reliable.

The same day, the prosecution summoned and questioned Baek Il-seo, former military medical official, who decided Jungyeon`s draft exemption in February 1991.

Prosecutors also summoned two officials of the Medical Center of the Seoul National University, who treated Jung-yeon in June 1990 to figure out the results of the treatment and its relations with the results of the military medical check-up, which exempted Jung-yeong from military service.

Meanwhile, the Grand National Party said, "It is so obvious that Kim Dae-up manipulated the tape and transcript. Kim should immediately be arrested for making mockery of the prosecutorial investigation."

It also said, "Kim maintained he kept the transcript on July 31, but the submitted transcript was drawn up on Aug. 11. And the tape contains conversation between Kim Dae-up and Kim Do-sul alone while he helped the prosecution`s investigation into draft-dodging scandals, although the prosecution said Kim Dae-up had never investigated without an attendant. On these two counts, Kim`s tape was manipulated."

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