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Digital Camcorder–PC, ‘Good Harmony’

Posted August. 07, 2002 22:06,   


“ I can be a movie director with a digital camcorder and PC.”

Hwang In-Ju(32), a company employee who bought the digital camcorder some time ago for a baby’s first birthday party and summer holiday.

He determined to buy the digital camcorder directly after hearing that the camcorder was very useful when connected to PC. He intents to produce the music video directly through using photographed pictures. When he completes the music video, he plans to make it with DVD Title.

Because the digital camcorder stores the video signal with the digital, the digital camcorder and PC are well matched.

When connecting with the PC, the users can not only see the camcorder video with the PC monitor but also store the photographed pictures with files in the PC. They also can make the music video or DVD Title with the photographed pictures, as it can do the video editing work which was not performed without expensive equipment only several years ago.

▽Connect the Digital Camcorder with the PC 〓 The users can transmit the digital video to the PC when connecting the camcorder and PC with ‘IEEE 1394’ Cable. Because all video signals in the camcorder are seen through PC monitor, the camcorder can be used as a monitoring camera.

For it, there ‘IEEE 1394’ mode ‘DV Card’ must be installed in the PC. The DV card price ranged from 40,000 to 300,000 won, is cheaper than the existing capture card which changes the analog video signal into the digital data in the computer. The deluxe video editing board which supports the analog input/output, is still expensive because its price is over 1000,000 won.

In the digital video transmitted to the PC, the screen size is ‘720X480’ and the data capacity per second is 3.6MB. As there are 12GB for 1 hour, the large capacity hard disk is required for a sufficient work. Bak Jong-Hyeon, the assistant manager of Wonyi Electronics said “The analog camcorder can store or edit the video using the MPEG mode capture board of 400,000 won~600,000 won.”

▽Challenge to Edit 〓If the camcorder, PC and IEEE 1394 Card has the video editing soft ware (SW), everyone can do the video editing. It can synthesize or connect the videos photographed in the different places, as well as it can do the special effects such as ‘Fade-in’ or ‘Overlap’. Also, the user not only makes the music video putting the background music in a commemorative photograph, but also produces the film atmosphere with a caption or ending credit.

When using ‘Movie Maker’ which is the video editing SW built in the MS Window XP Operating System, the user can do the basic editing work. The professional SW is required to obtain the high quality video using the various editing functions. ‘Premiere’ ‘Ulead Video Studio’ and ‘Studio DV’ are the representative video editing soft wares. Because the DV Card includes the simple editing SW, it can be used.

▽Produce the DVD Title 〓The video file which the editing work is completed, can be used converted into the file of various formats. It can store in the CD-ROM saving with the general animation format put in the web site changing into the internet video.

To produce the DVD Title, the user must store the editing video in MPEG 2’ mode. As the next process, the source file is produced using the DVD production program, such as ‘DVD IT’, ‘My DVD’. ‘Thinner List’ and ‘Ril DVD’. The editing Soft wares such as Ulead Video Studio and Pinnacle Studio7 support the DVD production function.

When the source file is completed, the users can produce the DVD Title by using the DVD Lighter. The price of DVD Lighter reaches the six hundred thousand mark. When inquiring to an agency despite no DVD Lighter, the users can make the own DVD Title for the price ranging from 60,000 won to 120,000 won.

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