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GNP Fumes over Draft-Dodging Allegation, Sues MDP Lawmaker Chun

GNP Fumes over Draft-Dodging Allegation, Sues MDP Lawmaker Chun

Posted August. 06, 2002 21:56,   


The Grand National Party on August 6 warned that it will take necessary measures unless the ruling party stops masterminding a draft-dodging charge against the son of its presidential candidate Lee Hoi-chang. It will call for the resignation of President Kim, the opposition said, if the rival party continues to deploy an old trick to prolong its governance.

In response, the Millennium Democratic Party fired back that it is considering holding outdoor rallies nationwide to denounce Lee’s lack of integrity.

GNP president Suh Chung-won said during a press interview on that day, “5 allegations against candidate Lee began to surface after the June meeting between the President and MDP president Han Hwa-gap.” He also warned, “Everyone knows that President Kim is behind this character assassination campaign, and he might have to end his presidency earlier that he thought.”

“No one will be free from a criminal investigation if a charge is filed, and that includes a presidential candidate,” MDP presidential candidate Roh Moo-hyun touched on the issue while stumping for his MDP candidate in Hanam City. “If necessary, Lee and his wife can be summoned by the prosecution.”

The GNP asserted that MDP congressman Chun Yong-taek coached Kim Dae-up to raise the draft-dodging allegation, urging him to resign. It also decided to file a power-abuse charge in court.

Chun, in a countermove, said that he would file a defamation charge against GNP president Suh, spokesman Nam Kyung-pil and lawmakers Jung Hyung-geun and Hong Joon-pyo.

Meanwhile, presidential spokeswoman Park Sun-sook pointed out, “GNP has tried to link the President with the political bickering.” She said, “It is regrettable that it continues to make groundless charges against Cheong Wa Dae,”

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