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Reintroduction of Essay Test by SNU in Admission

Posted August. 02, 2002 22:08,   


In regard to the 2005 school year admission, for which freshmen in high schools will apply, Seoul National University (SNU) will consider more than 4 out of the 5 fields in the national academic aptitude test in most departments. The applicants for the University also should take an essay test.

They also complete a minimum of 130 credits, or 68 percent of the total 192 credits of the high school courses, with more than credit minimum in each course.

It is highly likely that high school students should study most of the subjects because they should prepare for essay test and the scholastic aptitude test at the same time.

Seoul National University announced on Friday its 2005 school year admission plan, which contains how much weight will be given to the national academic aptitude test and required subjects and credits.

According to the student selection plan, the university will reintroduce the essay test, which the school did not carry out from the 2002 admission, for both regular selection and irregular ones.

“The school added the essay test to the admission test because it decided that interview and oral test are not enough to evaluate applicants’ analytical thinking and ability to express,” said Yu Young-je, manager of the admission office. He added that nowadays many colleges other than SNU are conducting essay test and that starting in the 2005 school year, the U.S. will include essay in SAT I (Scholastic Aptitude Test).

SNU has yet to decide how important the essay should be in the selection, but it said that the weight of interview and oral test could decrease.

It also added that 8 recruiting units including humanities, human ecology, and law schools would reflect the scores of 4+1 areas in the national scholastic aptitude test in the admission. The 4+1 system means language (Korean), English, mathematics (type A and B), second foreign language, and one among social study, science, or technical training.

Meanwhile, 13 recruiting units, including natural science and engineering schools, will consider scores of Korean, English, mathematics (type A) and either one between social study and science.

The would-be students of SNU should complete 56 credits in essential subjects, and 74 credits in elective subjects, including one concentration. However, would-be arts majors or sports majors and students in technical high schools are required to finish only 94 credits.

Mr. Yu said, “The SNU admission policy is designed to keep the side-effects such as applicants’ unbalanced study of subjects and deteriorating student academic level to the minimum and to normalize public education. The details of the admission plan regarding the scholastic aptitude test, high school academic report, essay test, and interview will be decided by late 2003.

Dong-Yong Min mindy@donga.com