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Bush’s Three War Scenarios

Posted August. 02, 2002 22:10,   


The Bush Administration is reportedly developing three scenarios before a possible attack on Iraq.

Afghan Model – The U.S. might send elite commando troops and launch extensive air campaigns to demoralize the enemy at an early stage. Cooperation from Iraqi rebels is key. Those opposing the plan, however, warn not to underestimate Iraq’s military force. They also point to that the anti-Saddam faction remains small in size unlike Afghan rebels the U.S. mobilized.

October Surprise – A coalition army of some 50,000 soldiers from Britain and the U.S. occupies the capital city of Baghdad. The goal is to decapitate Iraqi command and control system before Saddam Hussein deploys his weapons of mass destruction. The operation, however, will inevitably lead to massive civilian casualties during the course.

Desert Storm – As it did in the 1991 Gulf War, it could deploy a massive ground force of 250,000 troops, half of those sent during the Gulf War. The chance of a victory is high with the deployment of a substantial force, but it is a waste of military resources, critics point out, given the high-tech firepower of U.S. troops.