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Which Factory Makes Fluffy Clouds in the Sky

Posted August. 02, 2002 22:13,   


There are so many clouds in different forms floating in the sky. Are there any people make and fly those clouds? This picture book is about a journey to the cloud factory in the sky by elevator.

There is a boy who visits Empire State Building in a group tour. Surrounded by clouds on top of the building, the boy makes friends with the clouds. Riding on a cloud, he flies to a “cloud airport.” This is the place from which clouds are sent to the world, and to which they go back. In the waiting lounge at the airport, a sign is standing, saying “Fluffy Cloud, Departure Time 1:01,” and “High Cloud, Arrival at Gate 36, East Tunnel.” The fluffy cloud’s departing gate and high cloud’s arrival time were lost in other clouds.

The boy at the cloud airport makes clouds in various fish forms and sent them afloat. After watching the boy, officials of the airport sent back the boy in a cloud to the world. He was back on top of Empire State Building. He went down the building and look at the sky. A lot of fish clouds were drifting. This picture book, which is made up of only pictures, without letters, helps lead children to a strong imagination.

In order to write this book, the writer, David Wisner, went to the building in a very foggy day. On that day, he was the only one to visit the building. The winner of the 2000 Caldecott medal.

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