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“Come Back to Peruza for the Moment”

Posted July. 30, 2002 22:49,   


It seems that the ‘Lord of the Ring’ Ahn Jung-hwan will solve the conflict with the Peruza by following the order of ‘coming back to Peruza for the moment and being transferred to another team.’

Ahn Jung-hwan and his management company E-Player had a press conference at the Paju National Team Training Center on the 30th. During the conference, Ahn Jung-hwan clarified about the progress of the conflict between him and the Peruza of Italy and his emotion about that.

Ahn Jung-hwan said during the conference, “If I hear the promise from the Peruza to transfer me to the team I want, I will acknowledge that I belong to the Peruza,” but “I have no intention to join the team and practice, and I will leave the country as soon as the team is decided.” Ahn Jung-hwan added, “I want to be transferred to a English team, and I already applied for a work permit to the English government; however, the first priority is a team that I can play as a starter regardless of country or salary.” Ahn Jung-hwan spoke out, “I have practice enough by myself so I am in the condition to be adapted to the team strategies of any team,” and “I hope all the conflicts are solved this time.”

Before the press conference, the E-Player announced, “We had confirmation from the Peruza that they are willing to pay the promised transfer fee of 1.6 million dollars to the Busan Icons Club immediately.” The E-Player president Ahn Jong-bok said, “Although we need to negotiate to see the result; however, according to the general practices, the Peruza seems to have decided the team to transfer Ahn Jung-hwan to.” Therefore, the president Ahn plans to start the negotiation with the Peruza shortly.

The reason why Ahn Jung-hwan, who insisted that the proprietorship claim of the Peruza was wrong, changed his mind was because he worried that he might miss the next season if the lawsuit took long time, and the Peruza was starting an effort to try ‘keeping Ahn Jung-hwan’ by mentioning re-negotiation of salary and so on.

Sung-Won Joo swon@donga.com