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Construction of New Cities where 25,000 Houses will be Newly Provided

Construction of New Cities where 25,000 Houses will be Newly Provided

Posted July. 28, 2002 22:17,   


Three new towns will be developed in Cheonan city, Chungcheong nam-do, Kyungsan city, Kyungsang Buk-do, and Jinhae city, Kyungsang nam-do.

On July 28th, the Ministry of Construction and Transportation announced that 25,000 house units, accommodating a population of 81,000, would be constructed in Chungsu, Cheonan city (about 132,000 yds), Hayang, Kyungsan city (about 733,50 yds), and Doo-dong, Jinhae city (about 117,100 yds). The total size of the three areas is about 322,450 yds.

The ministry is scheduled to designate these areas as “areas arranged for housing land development” after the deliberation of the Housing Policy Committee.

In the Cheonan-Chungsu area, which will be built in Chungsu-dong, and Chungdang-dong, Cheonan city, many government agencies such as Educational Office, and Court will be built, and therefore the area will develop as an administration town. And apartments and row houses with combined 13,290 housing units will be constructed for about 42,000 people there.

Meanwhile, the Kyungsan area, in and around Buho-ri, and Eunho-ri, Hayang-up, will be a residential area with 3,400 new houses accommodating some 10,000 people. Given the geological feature that the region has 4 college campuses, many private institutions will be built around the residential area.

The Doo-dong area will be created in Doo-dong, Jinhae city, in anticipation of possible rising demand for houses according to western area development plans, which include the already-started establishment of Bobae campus of Donga University, and the construction of Busan Science and Industrial Complex and a new harbor. 8,700 new houses for some 28,000 people will be constructed.

In Chungsu, Cheonan city, house sale is scheduled in the second half of 2005, moving in the second half of 2007, and completion of the construction in late 2008. Meanwhile, in Hayang, Kyungsan city, and Doo-dong, Jinhae city, sale is expected in late 2004, moving in late 2006, and completion in late 2007.

Jae-Seong Hwang jsonhng@donga.com