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Dosan Classical School Allows First Female Admittance in 400 yrs.

Dosan Classical School Allows First Female Admittance in 400 yrs.

Posted July. 23, 2002 22:19,   


The word ‘Seon-bi (classical scholar)’ no longer applies to males only.

On July 22nd afternoon, fifteen female and fourteen male school teachers stood together in full traditional costume to pay respects to the shrine of ‘Twae Gae’ Yi Hwang (1501~1570) in Sangduk temple of Dosan classical school located near Andong city in Kyongbuk province (photo). This is the first female admittance in Sangduk temple since the school’s foundation in 1574 (7th year of King Seon-jo in Chosen Dynasty).

The school has decided in their April faculty meeting to allow female admittance in the shrine.

After paying their respects in the shrine, the female teachers were taught school etiquette in the ‘Jun-gyodung’, the main hall of Dosan classical school. They also received lecture on the code of conduct of Seon-bi.

This visit to the shrine was one of the events to experience the life of ‘Twae Gye’. A total of 230 schoolteachers of various schools throughout the nation, including 87 female teachers will be divided into eight groups. These groups will receive three-day training in the ‘Seon-bi’ Culture Training Academy (Director, Kim Ju-hyun) of Dosan school throughout July and August. They will experience the life of ‘Twae Gye’ during their three-day stay in the academy.

This is also the first official admittance of female in the ‘Jeon-gyo dang’ main hall. This 79 cubic yard main hall is the capital of Youngnam Confucius sect.

“I was tensed by the fact that the place was forbidden to female for several centuries. If a person who studies vigorously with good speech and behavior could be called a ‘Seon-bi’, then many female can also become a ‘Seon-bi’ too,” said Park Yong-soon (38×female) of Ansim Girls’ Middle School in Daegu.

“As women become socially active, Dosan classical school cannot be a sole property of males anymore. I hope the teachers rediscover the education belief of ‘Twae Gye’, which emphasizes on proper relationship, humanity, justice, benevolence and wisdom,” said Director Lee Yong-tae (69×President of TriGem Computers Ltd.) of Dosan classical school.