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GNP Urges President to Face Investigation

Posted July. 18, 2002 22:16,   


Suh Chung-won, chairman of the Grand National Party, yesterday asserted that President Kim Dae-jung should accept the special prosecution system and be subject to an investigation over the corruption scandals.

In his keynote address to the Assembly, Suh warned that if the President denies it, the GNP will make a grave decision.

He also said, "It is proved that influential politicians, the Peace Foundation for the Asia-Pacific Region, sons and nephews of the President have been implicated in corruption scandals. The only ones left are the President and his wife. The President should introduce a special prosecution system and carry out parliamentary investigation and TV hearings."

He also demanded that the President`s private think tank has become the hotbed of corruption. The President, himself should dissolve the foundation. Also another round of cabinet reshuffle is needed since the incumbent Cabinet is not a neutral cabinet but the President`s royal guard.

Commenting on the acting prime minister system, the GNP chairman said, "It is a clear violation of the Constitution and challenge to the separation of three branches of government to serve as a prime minister before the confirmation from the National Assembly. The GNP will examine acting Prime Minister Chang`s ability to run state affairs and morality at a confirmation hearing, then decide whether to endorse her appointment."

He also suggested △the suspension of economic aid for North Korea and the Mt Geumgang tour project, △the revision of the Sunshine Policy, △the establishment of a special parliamentary committee to eradicate corruption and reform the political sector and △activate a policy coordination council between parties and government.

Regarding a parliamentary investigation into public fund and TV hearings, Suh said, "If the incumbent administration keeps shunning the demand, the GNP will push ahead with it even after the change in political regime."

Yeon-Wook Jung jyw11@donga.com