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First day of Honeymoon in the Ronaldo’s Room

Posted July. 16, 2002 22:36,   


Woolsan Hyundai Hotel, where Ronaldo and Rivaldo, two star players of the 2002 World Cup winner Brazil stayed from May 25th to June 12th, is getting handsome return due to them.

The hotel has named room 1232 and room 1212 Ronaldo’s room and Rivaldo’s room, respectively. It has also decorated the rooms with Ronaldo’s foot printing, pictures, uniforms and signed balls.

Numerous phone calls are coming in from the perspective customers as Brazil team’s stay at the hotel is getting known. Most popular among the rooms is the Ronaldo’s room (royal suite).

The hotel, however, is specially managing the room, which costs almost 400 dollars a day. For example, it rents the room, free of charge, only to the newly wed.

Now, we hear from the hotel employees about Brazil players.

Park Eun-yol (48), who shines shoes at the hotel sauna, got so close to the Brazilian players that he was given their slippers and sneakers for free and able to collect more than 1000 autographs, which he later gave away to his friends.

Employees say that Ronaldo got up late in the morning and, therefore, skipped breakfast frequently. Rivaldo, according to them, is really talkative. After returning from game, he would not let go of his cellular phone and kept talking with his friends and family members over it. On the other hand, Carlos enjoyed signing in the karaoke room. Once he grabbed the microphone, nobody would have a chance. Ronaldo indulged himself in playing the DDR game.

The hotel management confirmed, “Brazil’s winning drew lots of domestic and foreign perspective customers, boosting our sale by more than 30%.”