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[Opinion] Female Diplomat

Posted July. 14, 2002 22:25,   


Greek Methodology introduced Hermes, the messenger of the gods, as an attractive strategist with flamboyant looks. Soon after he was born, the Greek god stole 50 heads of cows from his older brother Apollo and hid them in a cave only to come home and go to bed as if nothing had happened.

His ingenuity impressed Zeus so much that he came to serve as a diplomat of gods. Hermes taught Pandora, the first woman, how to flatter and deceive others, while giving thundering voice and long-lasting memory to messengers. Although many Greeks were critical of him, he has been recognized as the god of diplomacy for his flamboyant manners and diplomatic skills.

Hermes is now also known as a top-class fashion brand, and is, in particular, popular among high-class men and women across the world for its sophisticated design and color. Its major clients include diplomats who often seek an image of dignity and nobleness to represent heads of their countries.

Diplomacy of today requires sophisticated and delicate manners in regard to protocols and negotiations. As economic, social and cultural interdependence deepens across borders, nations now deal with a broader range of issues, assigning their diplomats critical missions.

That’s why diplomats are now required to have Hermes’ wits and negotiating skills as well as his splendid manners. And Korean female diplomats hardly lack in such virtues as negotiating skills and charming manners.

Traveling around the world, it is not hard to find out that Korean women have a certain charm that surpasses their global peers. They seem to know how to express themselves effectively – without help from the Hermes brand – and further how to adapt to the society and build a network.

In fact, women accounted for almost 50% of those who pass the national diplomat exam. And 50% of politics and diplomacy majors at universities are also female students. As women increasingly participate in social activities, female diplomats will also play a key role in representing the nation on the global stage. And we expect to see more of outstanding female diplomats, who are both charming and diplomatically savvy.