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A Trouble of A White Police Officer Beating A Black Girl.

A Trouble of A White Police Officer Beating A Black Girl.

Posted July. 10, 2002 22:37,   


The American broadcasting services showed a scene, in which a white police officer brutally beat teenage black girl as a top news story over and over again on the 9th. It was a scene that a tourist took with his video camera on the 6th in front of a gas station in the City of Inglewood, suburb of Los Angeles, California.

The scene showed a shocking image that a exited looking police officer, Jeremy Moss, took a black girl, Donavan Chavis (16), who was handcuffed behind her back, and beat down to the trunk of a patrol car. Moss hit her face, which was bumped to the trunk and distorted, again with his fist. There were three more police officers at the spot; however, they did not participated in the beating.

According to the American press, the police was investigating Chavis’s father, who drove a car with an expired license plate, and Chavis got insulted while getting out of a convenient store at the gas station after buying a bag of potato chip.

The police claimed that Chavis attacked the controlling police; however, Chavis’s attorney refused that and claimed that Chavis was beaten more than what was taken through the video camera.

This incident reminded us of the Rodney King incident in Los Angeles in 1991, and it leap to racial discrimination debate. What is worse, it worsens the public opinion that Chavis was enrolled in a special school because of growth troubles.

Tens of black people ran to the Inglewood City Hall and protested ragingly. The Mayor Roosevelt Don, who was a black, fired officer Moss saying, “Officer Moss is right to be fired since he committed a serious crime.” The Justice Department ordered a fact finding to the FBI. The Americans are paying great attention to this remembering the Rodney King incident, which leap to the Los Angeles riot in 1992.

Ki-Heung Han eligius@donga.com