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‘Computer Program Protection’ Seminar for Activating SW Intellectual Property Discussion

‘Computer Program Protection’ Seminar for Activating SW Intellectual Property Discussion

Posted July. 10, 2002 22:32,   


“There must be more activated discussions about a Intellectual Property of software to be the software power of Korea”

In Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry, a seminar for ‘Recent trend about the computer program protection’ supervised by Korean Association of Intellectual Property and supported by Donga Ilbo was held on July 10.

Lee Sang-Jeong, the professor of Kyung Hee University said “In the PC industry, 80% of total investment expenses has been expended on the software development. However, its copy is easier than a recording tape. The current PC program protection law doesn’t protect the right of the copyright holder and doesn’t correspond with a public profit.

Kang Ki-Won (Lawyer) insisted “Because the privacy protection law and the disclosure law of public profit information are mixed together in Korea, it is important to operate both laws harmoniously. However, the online digital contents industry development law which has been legislated this year, protects even online digital contents of no creation. So, it is not desirable”.

Kim Mun-hwan, the professor of Kookmin University said “There is the historical discussion on whether the intellectual property of software will be approved as seen in a trouble of Linux and Microsoft’s window system. “Many organizations such as Korea Linux Council and Free Software Foundation have operated actively. Accordingly, the government must lead the healthy arguments between them and software industries”

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