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"Oh! Pilseung(Victory) Yoon Do-hyun Band"

Posted July. 08, 2002 22:40,   


The popularity of Yoon Do-hyun Band has been skyrocketing with the World Cup frenzy. Yoon Do-hyun Band sang a song, "Oh, Pilseung Korea," which rocked the whole nation during the World Cup games.

The band`s live record of its last Christmas concert, "Live Is Life", and its DVD version are showing signs of a big hit even after the World Cup games. The sale of the live record has already exceeded 170,000.

The sale of the DVD surpassed 5,000, which is a pretty good result for DVD. But the band expects more to be sold since the so-called `World Cup Effect` is still alive.

Only a couple of singers such as `god` and Seo Tae-ji boast DVD sales of over 10,000 in Korea.

Yoon Do-hyun Band is greatly encouraged by the robust sale of the DVD. For the band`s first-ever DVD has fared well despite the fact that the domestic DVD market is still in its infancy, The band used 16 cameras to capture vivid images of its live concert and the members of the band including Yoon Do-hyun, Kim Jin-won, Huh Joon and Park Tae-hee travelled to their hometown to produce their own documentaries.

The members said, "DVD is characterized by stereophonic sound and images through 5.1 channel, but we focused on the stage from diversified angles. In particular, viewers can see players from multiple angles when two numbers, "To Live This Land" and "Lady in the Cigar Store", in the DVD are played.

In the meantime, the band will held a signing ceremony to donate some of the profits earned to the `Beautiful Foundation`. The foundation plans to run the `Yoon Do-hyun Band`s Oh Pilseung Korean Fund` with the contributed money.