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“China – Russia Joint Military Drill in Far East in Forty Years”

“China – Russia Joint Military Drill in Far East in Forty Years”

Posted July. 07, 2002 22:39,   


It is significant that there was a report saying that China and Russia would have a joint military drill in forty years simulating a war in adjacent far eastern area to Japan and the Korean Peninsula.

The internet edition of the Chinese Nambang Ilbo reported on the 6th, “Some Japanese press including Sankei Newspaper reported that quoting the military news sources in China,” and this drill, in which 200,000 troops were participated, would be the biggest in history of military drills of both countries and Siberia, northeast of China, the East Sea, and the Yellow Sea would be included.

This newspaper added that, especially, the US troops resided in Japan and Korea were the virtual enemies for this drill.

This paper, however, tried to reduce the meaning of the drill saying, “This joint military drill is not noteworthy although related countries are showing extraordinary interests to this drill,” and “It is common now to see joint drills by two or more countries.”

This paper emphasized, “The US is already performing many multi national drills annually,” and “the joint drill between China and Russia is a thing to go with the tide of the globalization of world politics, economy, and military, and it is an inevitable consequence of the development of their friendly relations.”