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US Air Force Reported 400 Nuclear Weapons in Israel

Posted July. 06, 2002 00:17,   


On July 4, 2002, World Tribune.com which is a web site dedicated to the international affairs, reported, citing a report prepared by the US Air Force, that Israel has 400 nuclear weapons and is creating a nuclear fleet that can retaliate a nuke attack by Iran or Iraq. Based on the report, worldtribune.com analyzed that Israel’s arsenal for weapons of mass destruction, including atomic and thermonuclear bombs, has increased from ‘67’s 13 to 400. It also reported its navy is able to load the nuclear missiles on a fleet, which consists of three diesel-submarines equivalent to the German Dolphin.

“The Sanctuary of the Third Temple: Israel’s Nuclear Weapons” is the title of this report, which was sponsored by the Counter-proliferation Center and prepared by Col. Warner Pah.

This is the first US intelligence agency’s confirmation of Israel’s retaining of thermonuclear missiles. The total number of warheads is twice more than estimated.

The report predicted that Israel would deploy a nuclear fleet about Oman, which has unofficial ties with Israel. And the fleet will be armed with nuclear missiles of 350 km range. It expected that Israel’s new move would eventually lead to accelerated arms- race in the Middle East. But the report did not consider Israel’s warheads as a threat to the US.

Moreover, according to the report, the Israel’s Department of Defense asked its Prime Minister to approve of nuclear retaliation. World Tribune.com also revealed that Israel might attack, through the Jordanian air space, Iran which is expected to produce nuclear warheads by 2004.

Eun-Taek Hong euntack@donga.com