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Sue for the Death by US Amored Veicle

Posted June. 28, 2002 22:57,   


‘Pan National Committee for the homicide by US armored vehicle’ had a press interview on front of the headquarters of US 8th unit base ‘Red Claud’ in Garung-dong of Eujungbu-city in the afternoon of 28th. The committee urged to release of two newspaper reporters arrested during the coverage activities and to disclose the real state of the death of a middle school girl.

Mr. Hand (32) and Ms. Lee (31), the reporter of an Internet broadcasting ‘ Voice of People’ followed university students broke in the base through barbed wire during the demonstration, and they were caught by Us soldiers and transferred to Korean police.

The police is applying a warrant of arrest for the trespass of military facilities at 28th.

On the contrary, the committee will make a complaint against the US soldiers who did violence to the reporters.

The committee began the all-night demonstration at 5 o’clock afternoon.