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G8 –Support with 6 Billion Dollars to Africa

Posted June. 28, 2002 23:07,   


In the 27th of June, G8, seven Western developed countries and Russia, agreed to aids of 7 billion dollars for the development of African politics and economy.

The summit of G8 had two days meeting in Kananaskis, a resort city of Canada, and signed on the ‘G8’ Action for Africa’ that includes the contents of the aids mentioned above.

The action began as the response to the proposal made by African 5 countries; South Africa, Nigeria, etc. The countries had proposed to G8 ‘New Partnership For Africa’s Development (NEPAD)’ of which main issues are financial support and remission of debts.

G8 decided to establish UN Peace-Keeping Forces, and support to eliminate infantile paralysis and to prevent money laundering actively.

However, international aids organizations criticized severely about the plan with the comment “the amount too small to develop Africa” Initially, the summit discussed a plan to support 19 billion dollars every year for African agriculture, but US was against and the plan fell through.

G8 adopted six principles to prevent nuclear and biochemical weapons transferred to terrorists, and requested other countries to observe the principles. The six principles include; △the conclusion of nonproliferation treaty, △safety supervision on manufacturing, △keeping and transporting, reinforcement on illegal exporting & importing, △solidification of storing facilities, restriction of materials related to nuclear & biochemical weapons related, △strengthening the supervision on nuclear fission.

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