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Possible 20th in FIFA Ranking with Advance to Semi-final

Possible 20th in FIFA Ranking with Advance to Semi-final

Posted June. 26, 2002 22:50,   


Money is not the only reward for the Korean team, whose legendary performance in this World Cup led to semi-final advance. More important is the status of the team around the world. Team’s excellent performance would probably earn the Korean team a steep uprising in the FIFA ranking and respects following that status.

In the FIFA ranking released on May 15, 2002, Korea positioned at 40 with average point of 603, having stayed at the same place ever since 2000.

Korea will probably break the past record on its status. The team has sunk many strong teams, leaving strong image in the minds of people around the globe. The best record so far was 17th. It was in 1998, when Korea achieved 9 wins with 2 draws and 1 lost in the preliminaries for the France World Cup.

FIFA ranking is tallied every month, based on the performance in matches between teams representing their countries (A matches). Numerous factors are considered in tallying, including basic data such as winning/losing rates, goals scored and lost. Also counted in are factors such as whether it was a home or away game, what was the objective strength of the opposing team, in which cup participation was made, etc.

For example, one victory in the World Cup against Portugal 5th in ranking is not comparable at all with that against the 202nd ranker Butan in a friendly match. Usually, one winning adds 10-30 points on average. In ranking, the performance in the past 8 years is cumulatively computed in, giving more weight on the recent one.

Only looking at pure numbers of winning and losing against powerful European team, which are 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 lost (the victory against Spain is not counted in since it was made in penalty kick shooting-out), one could easily guess the steep rise of Korea’s position. In addition, the steepness will get higher, considering the first Asian country’s advance to semi-final and the powerful opponents from Europe, all of whom ranked within top ten.

Based on the performance up to the semi-final, experts predict that Korea could have earned at least 50-70 average points. With this, Korea will easily get ahead of Japan, the 32nd ranker (634 average points) and could reach up to 20th. If Korea comes out as the winner of the June 29th match in Daegu, positioning at the top 3rd in this World Cup, its ranking will surely break the record 17th. Furthermore, its cumulative FIFA ranking, which is at 44 now, will climb up within top 20. The next FIFA ranking is expected to be release on July 3, 2002.

Kyung-Joon Chung news91@donga.com