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Intensive Emergency Watch all over the US Predicting a Terrorists` Attack Aimed for the 4th of July

Intensive Emergency Watch all over the US Predicting a Terrorists` Attack Aimed for the 4th of July

Posted June. 24, 2002 23:25,   


The US started an emergency watch program with an apprehension of ‘the second 9-11.’

President George W. Bush, the White House, Pentagon, Department of Justice, FBI, CIA, and National Security Agency strongly warned on the 23rd, “there is a good chance of another terrorists’ attack as big as the 9-11 before the 4th of July.”

They emphasized, “America is at war with terrorism,” and “terrorists will attack America without hesitation if they obtain biochemical weapons or nuclear weapons.” America pays attention to, especially, threat of massive additional attack of Al Qaida.

American Senators also recognized the survival of Osama bin Laden and the provability of additional terror, and urge for a countermeasure. Bob Graham, chairman of Senate Intelligence Committee, said during an interview with Fox TV after Al Qaida threatened with additional terror, “we think Bin Laden is still alive according to our intelligent source.

America, therefore, reinforced the watch program for major government facilities in the main land and overseas. The American government reinforced guarding on facilities scattered all over the country such as nuclear facilities, large structures, apartments, stadiums, large vessels and planes, oil tankers, and so on to prepare for terrorists’ attacks by ‘dirty bomb’ and highly effective suicide explosives.

Headquarter of the United Nation also had a simulation drill against terrorism for the first time since its foundation 56 years ago.

Before that, the spokesperson of Al Qaida, Suleiman Abu Gait said in the recorded tape aired through the satellite TV of Qatar, Al Zazira, “Bin Laden and the number two Aiman Al Zawahiri, and the highest leader of Taliban, Mohammad Omar, are all alive,” and warned, “we will attack at the right time, the place we want, and using the style we want.”

Abu Gait also added, “America should fasten the seat belt,” and “Americans will know that our saying is not just a threat but feasible thing in few days or few months.”

With an additional terror alert in effect, the result of a survey of 1003 Americans by the American news magazine Time and CNN responded, “there is a chance of an additional terror.”

Jong-Dae Ha orionha@donga.com