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The Answer was Lee Woon-jae

Posted June. 23, 2002 12:24,   


The game was not decided even in the 120 minutes of bloody match and then an anxious shoot out.

The fourth kicker of Spain, Joaquin Sanchez. Sanchez backed up a little, dashed to the ball and shoot. However, Lee, woon-Jae, who were starred the ball calmly, jumped to side ways and hit the ball way. That was the moment when the bold Lee, Woon-Jae did accomplish an unbelievable thing, and the Korean football made a legend of entering the World Cup semifinal.

Lee Woon-jae (29. Suwon Samsung) became a star that put the Korean football in the world big four showing his incredible ability of ‘the spider hand.’

He became a hero with saving the Spanish team’s attacks in waves in a bloody match and showing his true ability in the shootout. The first half when the players were exhausted, the Korean team’s trade mark, pressing in the midfield, lost its strength, and the defense system that worked like well fit gears was trembled. The Spanish players with great skills attacked in waves. However, there was Lee, Woon-Jae in Korean goal gate.

In the 28th minute of the first half, the header by Morientes following the free kick by De Pedro was heading to the right side of the goal gate, but Lee, Woon-Jae read its route and saved it. In the 37th minute of the first half, he punched out the ball by the De Pedro from the light side of the penalty area.

He usually did not move away from the goal gate, but he knew the defenders were very tired so he worked as a sweeper as well. He competed intensely with Kim Byun-ji for a starting goalie until the opening of the World Cup, but he showed a great condition and got the starting role. He was underestimated because of the strong defenders although he allowed only 2 goals in 4 matches including the round of 16 match, but he became one of the world’s best goalies with showing his ability.