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Unstoppable Spirit of Korea for Semifinal.

Posted June. 23, 2002 12:25,   


“The whole nature was for us”

The Korean players, who are nicknamed “Taegeuk Fighters,” almost fought themselves to death for the victory of the game. All of the 47 million Koreans sincerely prayed for their victory.

Goddess of victory did not turn her back on Korean’s wish contained in the cheering slogan of “Dae~ Han Min Guk.”

Advance to the Semifinal is no longer a miracle. It is a real achievement made possible by all Koreans and players, who never give up.

The moment the miracle came true, the whole Korean Peninsula was rattled by Korean’s cheering. If only we could express in word our joy and feeling!

The bloody struggle lasting for 120 minutes did not show the winner. But, even at that moment, the Fighters’ confidence for victory was shining in their eyes.

Every Korean held their breath watching the penalty kick shoot-out (PSO). Up to the third round of kickers, Korea and Spain ended even.

Joaquin was the fourth kicker for Spain. He made his shot unconfidently with hesitation. The hero of today, Korean goalkeeper, Lee Woom-jae, easily blocked Joanquin’s shot. Then the winning penalty came from Hong Myung-bo. It was a stirring penalty kick shoot-out 3:5 for Korea.

All Koreans, who, in red, had shouted cheering slogans for the victory, were not able to withhold their joy at the moment their lifetime wish got realized.

The Korea v. Spain Quarterfinal of the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, held on this day of 22th in Kwangju, meant a lot.

Korea’s long, bloody 120 minute struggle eventually ended up in the 5-3 victory in PSO against Spain, which was one of the widely expected winning teams from Europe. That victory also marked the first advance to the Semifinal by an Asian Country.

At 8:30 p.m., June 25, 2002, Korea will fight with Germany for the Final at the Sangam World Cup Stadium in Seoul.

German Team is one of the strongest in this World Cup: it has won the Cup three times; and ranked 11th on the FIFA list.

Nonetheless, people believe winning against Germany is not a tough shot, considering Korea’s victories against Portugal, Italy and Spain, respectively ranked 5th, 6th and 8th.

Today, Korean Fighters shocked the world with fair play, and through this victory against Spain, demonstrated Korea’s advances so far resulted not from luck, but from their preparation.

Let’s go to the Final.