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Democratic Administrative Committee Affirms Roh

Posted June. 19, 2002 23:22,   


The Democratic Party’s administrative committee unanimously affirmed Roh Mu-hyun as the party’s presidential candidate in its meeting on June 19. The affirmation came after demand to seek Roh’s responsibility in the party’s landslide defeat in the June 13 regional elections. With the issue of Roh’s candidacy resolved, the committee agreed to realign the party around Roh and concentrate its efforts on August 8 by-election.

The administrative committee rejected the proposal of holding another presidential primary after the August 8 by-election, which was adopted at the meeting of the party leadership on Tuesday. However, the issue would be tabled at the “Special Committee for the Development of the Democratic Party,” which will be organized soon.

Furthermore, the committee proposed amending the current bottom-up candidate selection process and delegate the responsibility to the special committee for the by-election. Organization of the special committee will take place after consultation with president candidate Roh on June 20.

After some lengthy discussion, the administrative committee approved affirmation of all of the party’s leadership. At the same time, the committee delegated the selection of the members of the “committee for the development and reform” and presidential candidate Roh.

After the administrative committee meeting, some democratic parliamentary members including Lee Yoon-soo and Park Sang-hee repeated their demand that Roh be referred to vote of confidence after relinquishing his presidential candidacy. Furthermore, some members of the parliament from the central provinces have decided to hold a meeting around this weekend and decide on their response to the affirmation of Roh’s presidential candidacy.

On the other hand, Roh said in a press conference after the committee’s decision to affirm his candidacy, “I will propose a corruption clean up program, which will win back the support of the people for the upcoming by-election,” and added, “The party will be led with a strong leadership.”

Roh has not disclosed details of his corruption cleaning program but he commented, “The people have not consented to my stance regarding President Kim’s sons,” hinting that he will set himself apart from President Kim.

Furthermore, he said, “I am determined to resolve conflicts in the party line by leaving the door open for holding another presidential primary.”

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