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Democrats Decide on Vote of Confidence for Roh, Anti-Roh Wants it Overturned

Democrats Decide on Vote of Confidence for Roh, Anti-Roh Wants it Overturned

Posted June. 18, 2002 22:44,   


The Democratic Party held an advisory meeting of the party leaders and approved vote of confidence for Roh Mu-hyun as the party’s presidential candidate, and handed the issue to the party’s administrative committee meeting.

As a result, the Democratic Party has begun to resolve the fragmentation in the party since the landslide loss in June 13 regional election, but the non-main stream party members have not relented their demand for Roh’s resignation as the party’s presidential candidate. As such, much difficulty is expected in the party’s administrative committee meeting on June 19.

The party leadership approved the vote of confidence on June 17 but decided to discuss the issue of holding a new primary election until the results of the August 8 by-election.

Party spokesman Chung Bum-koo replied to questions about holding a new presidential primary, he said, “The party stated its principles in that it would accept another primary if Roh would do his best in the by-election and give up all his rights as the presidential candidate.”

The party leadership decided to discuss the issue of affirming the party leadership including Han Hwa-gap as well as presidential candidate Roh.

As such, 8 key party officials, including Secretary Kim Won-kil, resigned from their posts for their responsibility in the landslide loss in the June 13 regional election.

The party leadership approved the measure to establish a special committee to concentrate the party’s efforts in the August 8 by-election and come up with plans to invite outside leaders into the party and seek improvement and reform of the party.

On the other hand, the reform faction of the party held a meeting as well and demanded vote of confidence for Roh and the party be organized around him. Meanwhile, the Centralist Reform Forum, a meeting of centralist party members, plans to hold a general meeting on June 19 to finalize its position on the issue of vote of confidence for Roh.

However, in the leadership meeting, non-majority parliamentary members of the party was adamantly against vote of confidence for Roh and wanted the party to overturn its decision. Member of the Parliament Song Suk-chan said, “If the party would continue its course on vote of confidence for Roh, we would gather strength and overturn the decision to hold vote of confidence.”