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Which Team is Best at Attacking in Korea-Japan World Cup?

Which Team is Best at Attacking in Korea-Japan World Cup?

Posted June. 18, 2002 22:52,   


Now that 54 games, or 84 percent, have been played of the total of 84 games of this World Cup, Brazil – the eternal champion candidate - has emerged as the best-attacking team with the average of 3.25 goals per game.

Brazil has shown so far a tremendous power by having made 13 goals in 4 games, with Honaud (26, Italian Inter Milan), or “New Soccer Emperor”, who has recovered from his injury, having made 5 goals ranking first in acquired score, and Hibaud (30, Barcelona, Spain), or a “Left-foot Shark”, ranking second with 4 goals.

Germany, who made 8 goals in its first game with Saudi Arabia, added only 4 goals to its score in the following 3 games, ranking 2nd in team score with 3 goals per game.

Compared to Brazil who acquired similar score every game, Germany’s attacking ability cannot be evaluated as superior.

Spain who is ranking 3rd with 3 goals and who has been mostly led by Raol Gonzales (25, Spanish Real Madrid) and Fernando Morientes (25, Real Madrid) has made 10 goals in 4 games, with 2 goals per game.

Spain is followed by Senegal (1.75 goals), Costa Rica, Portugal, south African Republic, Paraguay, Denmark (1.67 goals), Turkey, Ireland, Belgium and the US (1.5 goals).

And what about Korea who advanced into the Round of 16 thanks to its speed and physical stamina? Korean team made 4 goals in 3 games, with 1.33 goals per game, ranking 12th along with Italy and Uruguay.

Eventually, it was Korea’s tremendous physical strength rather than its attack that helped it defeat other teams famous for their excellent defense.

Running faster than its opponents, intercepting the attack of opponents by wielding strong pressure and sustaining the acquired score through counterattacks is where the secret of Korean soccer lies.