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The voters, showed determined punishment on absurdity of state authority

The voters, showed determined punishment on absurdity of state authority

Posted June. 15, 2002 17:22,   


The voters showed determined punishment on absurdity of state authority in the Provincial Election held in June 13, 2002. Even though the turnout of voters recorded the lowest of 48%, the will of the people shown on the votes is definite. The people pulled out “a red card” to dishonest injustice done by the President’s sons and some others in the core of the authority.

The MDP(People’s Committee at that period) who won overwhelmingly in the local government election for leaderships of Metropolitan area including Mayor of Seoul and Incheon and Kyonggi Provincial Governor in the year 1998, has been defeated in the election. This showed rage of citizens about injustice done by the authority symbolically. In these days the MDP has been showing attitudes protecting such injustices. The MDP’s system has been changed to a new presidential candidate Roh Moo-hyun and the representative Han hwa-gap form after the President Kim Dea-jung, who has been the party’s president withdrew from the party. However, they showed a lukewarm attitude to exposing a political scandal, that the voters turned their back to the MDP.

The MDP lost in provincial election of every region of the southeastern Korea. Therefore the MDP now confronts tough problem confiding presidential candidate. Through miserable defeat in other areas excluding Southwestern area, ‘ Roh-Han system’ seems to go through a tough time for a long period. Regardless of the painful period and the result, it is clear that the MDP must be changed. Even if regional unity is shown by the ‘Southeastern-western union’ of governing power and party hegemony, if they don’t show reconsideration and discontinuation in political dishonest and injustices, it will be hard to recover confidence of the most voters.

It’s too hasty to make a decision that the result of the provincial election has a definite effect on National Election in the end of the year. However, it seems clear that popularity left the current government and the MDP as shown in the miserable defeat in drafting organization leader’s election. The current government and the MDP, instead of deceiving people in political scandal that is the cause of popularity estrangement, must put exposing political scandal into practice more specifically. This is not only a matter of votes. It is absolute demand of citizens. The result of provincial election is the expression of national demand.