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“The Dirty Bomb is a Decoy for the 9-11 Hearing”

Posted June. 12, 2002 23:41,   


The Dirty Bomb gets mixed up in a “Dirty Conspiracy Theory.”

The American Press and the Democratic Party raise a suspicion that, considering the publication timing of the American Government and the known crime level of the suspect, the publication of the Dirty Bomb Terror attempt was to surmount political difficulties such as the Congressional Hearing.

The American Press is questioning about the publication timing. It points out that to announce the capture of the terrorist is to turn public attention from the Congressional Hearing about the responsibilities of dealing with 9-11 Terror incident such as the lack of cooperation between CIA and FBI to other things. It also is suspicious to announce that by the Justice Secretary John Ashcroft himself, who is visiting Russia, without a plan.

The contents of the publication are full of questions, too. The American news magazine Time reported on 11th, “it is difficult to assume that Abdula Al Muhazir, who was arrested for terror attempt charge, planned a detailed terror plot.” In order to build the Dirty Bomb, one must have the radioactive substances; however, there is no evidence that Muhazir obtained them. And even if he has the radioactive substances, it is still questionable that he has the technology and facility to build that bomb.

It brings out a debate about an encroachment upon personal rights to transfer him in haste to a military prison without giving him a right to see an attorney. Specially, it is illegal to hold him in custody without a time limit before officially prosecute him.

The American Government says it is “an absurd intrigue.” However, the conspiracy theory debate becomes a debate over fidelity of the publication of the American Government.

The British daily newspaper Independent reported in its Internet edition on 12th that the British and European officials also questioning the contents of this publication. Time magazine raised a question to the fidelity of this publication in its Internet edition on 11th saying, “this publication is same as the American government’s periodical warning of terror threat.”

In the mean time, President George W. Bush visited Kansas City, Missouri and said, “I’ll call to all the necessary means to prevent terror,” and “I’ll obstruct the terrorists to cooperate with the countries to develop the worst weapons against the United States.”

Ki-Heung Han Jong-Dae Ha eligius@donga.com orionha@donga.com