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"Move One Step Faster to Beat America!."

Posted June. 08, 2002 08:44,   


Strategic planning is now being finalized for Korean football team’s next match against America. The plan is to perform the unstoppable manoeuvrability to move one step faster to achieve team’s second victory.

Guus Hiddink have delayed the usual training time by half an hour, to get used to weather condition for upcoming match against America which is held on 3pm, the hottest hour of the day. Today’s Kyoung Ju Training center’s temperature consisted 32.7C.

Content of the training were mainly to do with “fighting against high temperature” As the team have warmed up during the training the real “training truly begun” 20minuteds of most intensive group training begun, 20team members were carefully divided to train in groups of 4.

The intensive training was followed by mini game that is geared to train players to take the ball off from the opponents. This game is performed since the training begun early last year. Today’s training seemed a little hash for the players, the coach have continuously have articulated and adjusted upon players every single movements. It was a truly individual based coaching there he particularly said that man-to-man defence mechanism is key to our success.

There were quite a lot of orders to the attacking force of the team. Especially for those who have not successfully chased off the defence of the opponents for clean shot or pass, the following exercise was to punishment routine was carried out. During An-half-hour long exercise Jung Whan Yoon (Yoonie Good) in particular was standing out among the team members. Shooting practice was carried out and training adjourned at 12:30pm

In addition football critics estimates that; for upcoming match against USA, a vast number of young players will be selected to fight with both physical and mental pressures. Thus, Lee Chun Soo, Park Jee Sung for both wings and for midfielders Kim Nam Il, Song Jong Kuk and Lee Eul Yong will possibly play. If Yoo Sang Chul not successfully recovers from the injury Park J S may be his replace ment. Hwang S H, Ahn J H and Choi Y S will be the “joker” of the game. The defence will remain as it was in the previous match.

Jong-Koo Yang yjongk@donga.com