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Feedback of First Round of the World Cup Matches

Posted June. 08, 2002 21:57,   


Continuous unexpected games results of 32 Participants of 2002 World Cup Korea Japan are fascinating the football fans around the globe.

As FIFA rank 42, Senegal, have knocked down the worlds best France during the opening of the game, USA have successfully surprised Portugal with their outstanding technique. Also, as Korea have won their first world cup match in 48 years against Poland unpredictable matching schedules continues.

USA, Costa Rica and Mexico particularly is standing out among 32 participants by their continuous victory. Also African players have shown some good moves and fans are more then eager to see more of it.

Here are some interesting facts; there were no matches where no team scored during the first group matches yet there were two matches where no one scored during France World Cup. There are 46 goals that players have scored where there were 37 in total during the French World Cup.

If these figures continue to carry out, there will be more total goals then France World Cup during 64 matches. Also there has been 65 yellow cards and 3 red cards, that was given to the players this year but during Last world cup there was 59 in total.