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Remaining Unsold tickets to the World Cup

Posted June. 08, 2002 21:54,   


Byrom (UK based world cup ticketing company) have agreed to send back all the remaining unsold tickets 2 days prior to the each commencing games.

FIFA, KOWOC and Byrom have held a emergency meeting last 5 June to solve possible further financial losses for matches in Korea. Thus, KOWOC is making tickets available on and off line (http://ticket.2002worldcupkorea.org), onsite booth sales, VTPC and from telephone booking services.

However like the match against Korea & Poland which the demand of the ticket far exceeds its supplying ablity, ticket buyers can only purchase the match tickets through (www.fifa-tickets.com) and remaining tickets will be sold at the each stadium.

Due to unexpected numbers of Internet buyers visiting FIFA site at once, occasionally smooth on-line shopping is not available therefore it is estimated that approximately 2000 to 3000 tickets will be sold at the stadiums.

Telephone Reservation Numbers are as follows; (all the numbers begin with 016-9213)△Seoul 0051 △Busan 0052 △Ulsan 0053 △Daegu 0054 △KwangJu 0055 △INcheon 0056 △Suwon 0057 △DaeJeon 0058 △JeonJu 0059 △JeaJu 0060