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All 8 Groups Are Deadly Groups

Posted June. 07, 2002 23:40,   


As FIFA World Cup 2002 Korea Japan 2002 begun unpredictable game results continuously fascinating the football fans.

For current World Cup there is 32 participating countries over the globe, the whole tournaments consist of 8 groups thus 4nations in each group. Consequently there will be only 2 teams who will participate for the game of best 16 nations. So far there has been 20 matches out of 48matches, yet there is no one team who definitely is certain that they will be qualified to the matches for best 16 nations.

Due to Argentina, England, Nigeria and Sweden’s nomination to the same group, before the World Cup begun many football critics named Group F as “Deathly Group” However since French’s teams lack of fulfilment for their first match majority of football critics are shaking their heads for unpredictable results of the games.

Group A’s matches are progressing interestingly, France and Senegal have played an evenly match which resulted 1:1, which leaves France to least favoured position to for their participation towards matches with the best 16 nations. Urgai however needs to win one more game to be qualified to the match. Consequently France needs to beat Denmark by at least 2 goals.

`The Undefeatable Brazil’ is places in the group that slightly is in Brazil’s Favour. However, due to Brazil’s unexpected achievements with Turkey, they desperately necessitate to perform exceptionally well for the upcoming matches. As Korea successfully defeated Poland current group rank is even with America. However both teams should be extra systematic for their upcoming matches with Portugal and Poland.

Although Saudi Arabia is definitely can not participate to the matches with best 16, it is estimated that there will be tremendous point winning strategies among remaining teams for group E. For Group H there is group each winning matches became ever so valuable for the up coming games due to continuous evenly matches.

Italia and Mexico is currently leading the group G however it is too early to predict how the world cup will progress.