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“Prefectural Election to be like the World Cup Matches”

“Prefectural Election to be like the World Cup Matches”

Posted June. 06, 2002 07:12,   


The outstanding teamwork and endless endeavour for fair play during the match with Korea vs Poland have reminded the Korean politicians to be fair and honest for the upcoming national Prefectural election.

Frequent slanders to oppositions during public speeches are not pleasing the citizens of Korea. People are hoping that the election candidates should follow the world cup football team’s fair play method. Rather then to criticize each other the people are hoping for creative political plans from the candidates.

Although during the actual football match, when the players violates the grounds rule they are seriously warned or to be dismissed from the playground but during this election despite CECA’s supervision of possible law breaking movement during the election the candidates continues to criticize each other.

Even though, would cup players train for years, some of election candidates do not have suitable social or political background, to be peoples politician. Thus quite obviously these unacceptable actions offer disappointments to the people of Korea.