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CIA Knew Two Sept. 11 Terrorists

Posted June. 04, 2002 00:05,   


`Now its CIA`s Turn.` Before the fall of WTC, CIA was aware existence of two members of terrorist personnel approximately one year and nine month before 9.11 terror. However CIA has not continued to track them down and let the terrorists to plan accordingly.

Last week at FBI`s rejection upon further investigation of suspicious training at airfield training center both CIA and FBI`s continuous misconduct is proving that WTC incident is "Biggest mistake of government intelligence organization"

American weekly magazine Newsweek states that out of 19 terrorists who were responsible for the heartbreaking happening, two members clearly have been CIA`s most wanted list. Also New York Times and Washington Post have reported through high government official to the public.

According to Newsweek, CIA have tape recording of Telephone conversation of Osama Bin Landen on December 1999 in Malaysia where they have found out Alqaheda`s existence. Subsequently CIA have requested Malaysian intelligence`s co-operation to fight against terrorism and short after they have got hold two of those known terrorists who shortly departed to US via air after the terrorist meeting. Malaysian government is still inquisitive regarding CIA`s lack of interests of those two terrorist personnel.

Consequently on October 2000, CIA has reported that those two personnel were responsible for US warship bombing incident in Yemen. However it was found out later that they have freely traveled around the globe with valid driving license, bank account with their real name. If only CIA and FBI have carried out closer investigation they would have prevented further incidents.

It was also found out that Almihed`s American visa was renewed with no questions asked because FBI and CIA have not reported corresponding information to INS. Consequently Almihed re-entered US on 4th July and have prepared 9.11 attack.

On August 6 president G.W Bush were warned regarding terrorist activity from George T. Director of CIA. However, it was too late to carryout any closer investigation. They were already heading towards the Pentagon.

Eun-Taek Hong euntack@donga.com