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Gov’t to File for Compensation Against British Byrom

Posted June. 04, 2002 00:08,   


Due to lack of unexpected numbers of World Cup ticket sales Korean Government have decided to file for compensation damages through KOWOC to Byrom Company and file a complaint to FIFA Jung Sik Shin (Minister of Korean Ministry of Information have states at the national assembly that "due to lacking of ticket sales it is estimated that the stadium will lose approximately one billion won per game"

Korean government asked KOWOC to plan to sell the remaining unsold tickets at the stadium however Byrom (British based company) is delaying to announce the figures for remaining tickets to KOWOC therefore it is unclear if it is still possible to sell unsold tickets to football fans of the World.

Consequently at Seoul Stadium on May 31, opening of the world cup, there were 3500 empty seats; UlSan(1Day) 10,000 seats; BuSan (2Days) 22,800 seats; KwangJu(2Days) 19,000 seats; Nikata, Japan (1Day) 8621 Seats; Sapporo(1Day) 10,282; Ibaraki(2days) 7750seats; Saitama(2Days) 10979Seats ect. At present there are 92,932 empty seats in total.

According to Korea Japan World Cup Organizing Committee, out of 3,200,000Tickets, FIFA has managed 200,000 tickets and Byrom was handling 1,500,000 tickets and both Korea and Japan was given 750,000tickets each to be sold domestically.

Young-Sik Kim spear@donga.com