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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Divorced

Posted June. 03, 2002 23:34,   


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who was ousted by a failed coup d`etat and returned to power in just two days in April, is expected to set a rare record that an incumbent president divorces his wife during his tenure.

In an interview with daily El Universal on June 2, his wife said, “We are in the process of separation. He will present divorce document soon.”

The First Lady cited the disparity of character as the main reason of divorce but refused to go into details.

According to AP, she played an important role in making it possible for President Chavez to return to power. When the leadership of the military coup announced that he voluntarily resigned, she sparked demonstrations against the coup d`etat, courageously speaking out to the press that he did not resign at his own will.

Prior to the announcement of her divorce, she said she was not his political opponent and advised to him, “I hope that he would restore composure and take the reins of government.” They remarried five years ago and have a four-year daughter.

Jung-Ahn Kim credo@donga.com