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Editorial: Why Temporary Parliament Without Speaker

Posted June. 03, 2002 07:38,   


People will be perplexed at the news that the Grand National Party (GNP) and the Millennium Democratic Party (MDP) agreed on to open a temporary parliamentary session on June. People do not readily understand what they are up to since a state of `brain death National Assembly` is continuing while parliamentary composition has not been established till May 25, a death line according to the National Assembly Act, and the parliamentary speaker has not been selected even after the tenure is expired on May 29.

GNP and MDP said that the National Assembly should be opened for the reason of composing parliament although it is late for that, but we doubt their real intention on the issue. Both the two parties are putting their all efforts on the local elections that will be held within ten days, rather than the normalization of the National Assembly. Additionally the August 8 By-elections, in which the two parties will hold sparring before the main game, is lurking in the corner when the local elections are finished. `Pessimistic view` that the parliamentary composition will take place right before the regular parliamentary session in September is based on these circumstances.

If that is the case, `non-functioning while opened` is very likely to happen even if a June temporary parliament is held. The problem is why then the two parties agreed on to open the gate of the National Assembly. The persuasive analysis of the political circle seems to point to the need for the protection of their respective lawmakers who are emerging as investigation targets of the prosecution for various irregularities allegations. This means a so-called `bullet-proof National Assembly` will take place, which is surely an object of fair criticism. The National Assembly does not exist to protect irregularities ridden lawmakers.

When a temporary parliamentary session is agreed on, the parliamentary composition should urgently be decided. In the case of the parliamentary speaker, a free ballot casting, where there is no agreement among the parties, should be considered. Even though the National Assembly Act revised to force the newly selected parliamentary speaker desert his party, simply arguing that only favorite party member should be the speaker is arbitrary and showing a hidden intention.

As the National Assembly does not do its proper role, various civilian related laws are delayed their processes, the damage of which finally inflicted upon people. The National Assembly should be immediately normalized. If not, and if the National Assembly is only opened to protect the scandal ridden lawmakers, that is `bullet-proof National Assembly`, the two parties will face people`s wrath.