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Pakistan, “Revenge by Nuclear Weapon in Case India Attacks”

Pakistan, “Revenge by Nuclear Weapon in Case India Attacks”

Posted June. 01, 2002 08:57,   


Pakistan ambassador in U.N. Munir Akram threatened to mobilize nuclear weapons even if India uses only conventional weapons, amid possibility of armed conflict surrounding Kashmir, India PTI reported on 30th.

Ambassador Akram stated at press conference after two days since his appointment, that Pakistan hasn`t promised not to use nuclear weapons in advance, delivered PTI.

He added“ Pakistan should rely on possessed means in order to stop India`s attack” and “it will not neutralize this due to doctrine of `no use nuclear weapons in advance”.

Pakistan is estimated to possess 20~50 nuclear warheads and India, 50~150 nuclear warheads, stated military professional magazine JSWS in report on 30th.

The U.S President George.W.Bush announced on 30th to send the defense minister Donald Rumsfeld to both nations next week, in order to solve out Indian- Pakistan tension.

President Bush strongly warned Pakistan President Prevez Musharaf to stop terrorism in Kashmir immediately, following previous promise.