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`Immediate Summoning When Influence-Peddling of Hong-Up Confirmed`

`Immediate Summoning When Influence-Peddling of Hong-Up Confirmed`

Posted May. 28, 2002 09:01,   


In relation to the issue of summing of vice chairman of the Asia-Pacific Peace Foundation Kim Hong-Up, who is the second son of President Kim Dae-Jung, the prosecution declared on May 27 that it would immediate summon and question him when evidence on his involvement of influence-peddling is secured even during the World Cup games.

Prosecutor-general Lee Myung-Jae said so in a telephone conversation with floor leader of the Grand National Party (NP) Lee Kyu-Taek who had tried to visit the prosecution building to protest in relation to the summoning of Hong-up.

In relation to this, a related person of the prosecution said, `What we have said about the summoning of Hong-Up was that the summoning is difficult for the time being as a result of investigation so far, and onto that, the World Cup opens so that we may delay the summoning till the World Cup games is over, which has been misinterpreted as a delay of investigation,` and added, `The prosecution would summon Hong-up whenever evidence against him is secured even during the games.`

Chief of the public security office of the Supreme Public Prosecutor`s Office (SPPO) Lee Jeong-Soo also said in a telephone conversation with floor leader Lee, `The announcement of the prosecution that it would summon Hong-up after the World Cup games is simply misrepresented the true intention of the prosecution.`

In other story, the central investigative office of the SPPO confirmed former administrative chief of the Asia-Pacific Foundation Kim Byung-Ho, an associate of Hong-Up, wrote a memo, where phrases such as `money of Hukwang (another name of President Kim) confirmed`, `the National Intelligence Service five hundred million Won? Even one hundred million Won denomination` were scribbled, and investigated about the circumstance of writing the memo.

Former chief Kim has been known to write the memo before he was summoned on May 10 and also before the tentative closure of the Asia-Pacific Foundation on April 18, and Kim stored the memo in his diaries.

Former chief Kim claimed through some press, `So-called Hukwang money was referring the money gathered from private companies to establish a literature award fund by related persons of the steering committee of the Hukwang literature award, and the mentioning of NIS was about the budget scale of NIS electronic data sheet that I heard from an employee of NIS alias Mr. Choi.`

The prosecution also found out in the memo phrases such as `is the Asia-Pacific Foundation sanctuary? `public hearing prevention,` and it investigated whether former chief Kim had a countermeasure meeting with the related persons of the Blue House or Rep. Sul Hoon of the Millennium Democratic Party, or others.

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