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Kim Hong-Up to Punished After World Cup Games

Posted May. 25, 2002 09:06,   


Central Investigation Department (CID) in the Supreme Public Prosecutors` Office (SPPO) announced on the 24th that they would postpone the criminal punishment of President Kim Dae-Jung`s second son, vice chairperson of the Peace Foundation for the Asia-Pacific Region until after the World Cup Games.

Kim Jong-Bin head of CID in SPPO announced, “the result of investigation so far is not enough to punish Hong-Up, and this matter is so delicate that it might spoil the good image of World Cup Games. ”

CID head Kim added, “we planed to punish Hong-Up, when his receiving money and intervening in concession were disclosed, but the result of investigation is not enough to punish him. ”

He said that Kim Sung-Hwan, Hong-Up`s high school friend might not lobby and give money to prosecutors, though CID caught that when Kim Sung-Hwan received 2,000 million won from Mr. Kim director manager of Pyungchang Construction Co., he said, “I should repay for the wrap up of inner investigation of the District Public Prosecutor’s Office (DPPO) in Ulsan. ”

CID head Kim explained, “some people say that Ulsan DPPO stopped the investigation on the close relation between Pyungchang Construction Co. and Sim Wan-Gu mayor of Ulsan, but the decision came after enough investigation. ”

Prosecutors’ Office decided to delay the indictment of Sim Wan-Gu, who is suspected to have received money from Pyungchang Construction Co., and Kim Dae-Woong chief prosecutor at the Gwangju High Public Prosecutor`s Office, who is suspected to have leaked the information on the CID’s investigation to Lee Soo-Dong former chairperson of the Peace Foundation for the Asia-Pacific Region, until after the World Cup Games

Meanwhile, prosecutors confirmed that Hong-Up helped Mr. Cho find a job at D Construction, and listened to the person in charge of accounting in D Construction whether Hong-Up had intervened in concession.

Wi-Yong Jung viyonz@donga.com