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Unhappy Couples, Heart Enlargement Deteriorates Its Function

Unhappy Couples, Heart Enlargement Deteriorates Its Function

Posted May. 22, 2002 08:46,   


U.S.A.’s ABC Broadcast has reported on the 20th that unhappy marriage may reduce heart’s contraction function by thickening the wall of left ventricle, which works as pump. When the left ventricle’s contraction reduces, cardiac failure may be caused.

The broadcast reported that such detail was put out by Dr. Brian Baker at University of Toronto, Canada.

Baker carried out a survey against 103 married couples inquiring about satisfaction-level of their marriage, and also observed their blood pressure and left ventricles over the period of 24 hours. He operated the same research 3 years later, and found out that left ventricles of relatively happy couples have reduced in thickness by 8 per cent, while unhappy couples’ increased by 6 per cent.

Also, unhappy couples had higher blood pressure, when tested in front of their partners, than without them, while happy couples showed the opposite.

Baker said that thickening of left ventricles in cases of unhappy couples is probably due to rise in blood pressure.