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Gate-World Cup-Local Elections Calculation

Posted May. 21, 2002 09:17,   


“Grasping issue is a key to victory or defeat.”

A member of Millennium Democratic Party (MDP) diagnosed the future of local elections, which will be held in the World cup heat and aftershock of each gate, on 20th.

He meant where people are interested in would be the climax to decide final victory in local elections.

In fact, Grand National Party (GNP) and MDP is playing invisible severe `game` as people`s mind will be different during elections.

Cheong Wa Dae and MDP is struggling to change the atmosphere into World cup ending up Gate, on the contrary, GNP thinks that apple of Gate should not be put off.

The reason why Prime Minister Lee Han-dong visited three parties on 20th, to request stoppage of political dispute and co-operation for World cup officially is also connected to such `realistic interest` of Cheong Wa Dae and MDP.

A close aide of presidential candidate Roh Moo-hyun prospected, “the press is filled with stories of President`s son, however, according to survey on real interest of people, first was stock, second was World cup and third was matter of President`s son” and “ if sons matter ends up, people`s interest would be concentrated on World cup”.

Of course candidate Roh`s side hope is also based on such prospect.

Chief of Joint Headquarter camp of Seoul Mayor candidate Kim Min-suk, member Lee Hae-chan prospected carefully, “following survey, people`s mind seems to have hit the bottom due to summon of the prosecution of Mr.Hong-gul and his arrest” and “ signs for rise in members of MDP is appearing”.

Strategy of GNP stands at a point of symmetry.

GNP is taking pains to set off the apple of Gate with a view-point that matter of President`s son should be alive so that it will exert effect on local elections, despite being at loss due to appeal for stopping of political dispute for World cup from Cheong Wa Dae and MDP.

Following this, GNP is likely to move as an attacking body, targeting compromise of the power in which second son Mr. Hong-up is involved, and President Kim directly, after arrest of President Kim Dae Jung`s third son Hong-gul.

It would make an issue of the newly revealed compromise rather than displaying rumor or suspicion.

However, GNP plans to continue criticism against government within legal range of party activity, controlling big disputes, preparing against the possibility of Cheong Wa Dae and MDP`s appeal for stopping political dispute.

Young-Chan Yoon Yeon-Wook Jung yyc11@donga.com jyw11@donga.com