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RP-DP Dispute Intensifies Five Months Ahead of Middle Elections

RP-DP Dispute Intensifies Five Months Ahead of Middle Elections

Posted May. 21, 2002 09:19,   


With only five months left for middle elections that will be held on November, 5, political dispute between Republican Party-Democratic Party is reaching full-scale.

Democratic Party is amplifying suspicion that President George.W. Bush didn`t cope with 9.11 attack properly despite receiving information beforehand and is likely to press Bush administration into hearing and inspection.

As for Democratic Party that was suppressed due to support of President Bush (up to 80 percent) since 9.11 attacks, `information of terrorism before hand` is a golden opportunity that can reverse political situation.

Republican Party is also confronting extensively, mobilizing President Bush, Vice-President Dick Cheney, Floor leader of Senate. Trent Lott, etc, therefore, it is showing full-scale competition for the first time after presidential elections in November 2000.

In particular, Republican party, that became minor party due to Senate`s reformation of minor ruling party and major opposition, following withdrawal of member James Jeffords in May, 2001 judged that managing national affairs by checking Democratic party is difficult.

Therefore, it is making full scale effort in order to recapture position of the largest party in Senate by this middle election.

The U.S. press like MSNBC prospected on 19th, “ people close to President Bush reached to decision that they can`t work with floor leaders of Democratic Party.

Tomas Daeshuli, Leader of the majority party in Senate”, said that “ Republican Party will carry out party activity for victory of President Bush in elections”.

President Bush promised to stop political dispute, “I will change Washington culture ”, in the beginning of inauguration, however, national affair by co-operation beyond parties seem to be impossible now.

In this middle election, 34 senators which is 1/3 of 100, total 435 representatives and 36 Governors of state will be selected newly.

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