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[Opinion] Special Aide of No.2 Man

Posted May. 21, 2002 09:18,   


It is heard that Mr. Kwon Roh-kap was furious denying receiving 50 million won from Mr. Jin Seung-hyun, to people who came to meet him in prison right after his arrest.

The court will distinguish whether Mr. Kwon spent money, which came from wife`s pork cutlet restaurant, or he received 50 million won.

However, some people think that Mr. Kwon is leading a refugee life, due to Choi Kyu-sun Gate by being arrested.

Mr. Choi Kyu-sun who produced and exercised President Kim Dae Jung`s third son Mr. Hong-gul, which is stirring up the world, was his very `special aide`.

The person who failed to enter Cheong Wa Dae after resumption of Kim Dae Jung`s government and went to the U.S due to tracking of Sajikdong team, distributed name card as Mr. Kwon`s special aide after returning from U.S. one and half year later.

Mr. Choi had visited Saudi Arabia by an exclusive flight of one company in1998, in the beginning of current government`s term and used to meet entrepreneurs selling name of Cheong Wa Dae.

However, when Sajikdong team, which was in charge for investigating compromise of Cheong Wa Dae relatives, started close investigation as well as NIS which was trying to `goal in`, he went to the U.S at the end of year 1998, therefore he became a forgotten identity in domestic.

However, Mr. Kwon became the safest nuclear umbrella for Mr. Choi, who returned in 2000, June after one and half year.

Sajikdong team, which was tormenting him, was disjointed due to after effects of clothes lobby and he met unique partner for his business, Mr. Kim Hee-wan (former Seoul mayor) in Mr. Kwon`s camp.

If people are in politics, everybody knows that Mr. Kwon exerted mighty influence for public recommendation of MDP in 4.13 general elections.

It is not all.

He almost led parachute personnel to appoint fellows who had suffered with President Kim for 20, 30 years as C.E.O, Supervisor, and Director in Public companies.

There was neither legal standard, nor inspection.

The power comes from personnel and money.

His office, which had power to help candidates of each election and primary, and could have right for recommending members and personnel right of public companies, had a constant stream of visitors.

Once, the one who visited Mr. Kwon`s office said that Mr. Kwon held him for a long time as he disliked talking in corridors.

Mr. Kwon published his book, ` The life to be a support to someone is beautiful`, and that mentions 40 years affinity with President Kim, in September 1999.

In Japan, the book was published by Dachinama publisher last November, which had added subtitles of `life of No.2`.

Subtitle of Japanese publication seems to be more plausible.

He was no. 2 rather than just a support after resumption of Kim Dae Jung government.

Mr. Hong-gul, whenever he returns, used to move around with Mr. Choi Kyu-sun.

NIS caught this and the then chief of NIS, Lim Dong-won and the second Vice-Chief,

Kim Eun-Sung reported this dangerous relationship of Mr. Choi and Mr. Hong-gul.

Chief Lim and Vice-chief Kim received appreciation “thanks for the information” from the first lady Lee Hee-ho.

First lady Lee used to deplore to close people, “even though I didn`t give birth to Hong-il and Hong-up, they listen to me, but, Hong-gul doesn`t listen to me despite giving birth to him”.

Mr. Choi approached Mr. Hong-gul using such chances, however, as he was under nuclear umbrella unlike beginning of current government when he was tracked by Sajikdong team and NIS was also careful.

After NIS reported to Cheong Wa Dae, Mr. Kwon received instruction from President Kim to separate Mr. Hong-gul and Mr. Choi; however, there were no traces for executing such advice of President entirely.

It is heard that President Kim`s carefulness in taking care whether people carry out his instruction or not became loosened as compared to his time of youth.

Mr. Choi, on the contrary, contacted Mr. Hong-gul and tried to fasten hands of NIS.

Mr. Choi and Mr. Kim is not 20~30 years fellow of President Kim or Mr. Kwon.

Mr. Kim used to wander in Kookmin meetings, United Liberal Democrat, and GNP but settled down under Mr. Kwon.

Mr. Choi also made connection with candidate Lee Hoi-chang side of GNP using the U.S connection and had met candidate Roh Moo-hyun of MDP face to face.

Although Mr. Kwon didn`t know that these two were having strange business involving Mr. Hong-gul, his responsibility can`t be ignored at all.

Special aide of No. 2 is shaking the whole nation.

It is wondering that the former vice-chief of NIS, Kim Eun-Sung goaled in Mr. Kwon, revealing the fact that Mr. Kwon received 50 million won.

I wonder whether Mr. Kwon still thinks that his arrest due to suspicion of receiving 50 million won is unfair, in prison.

Hwang Ho- tack (Editorial Writer)