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The U.S Seizes Plan to Attack Apartments of Magnitude More than 9.11

The U.S Seizes Plan to Attack Apartments of Magnitude More than 9.11

Posted May. 20, 2002 08:58,   


The movement that Al-Qaeda will carry out new terrorist attacks is tracked on, amid stir surrounding the U.S President George.W.Bush`s ignorance of alarming the 9.11 attacks beforehand, is spreading, therefore, national tension is covering up the nation.

Ñ Capturing information of additional terrorism = New York Times stated on 18th, “ several evidences that Al-Qaeda is planning bigger attack of a magnitude more than 9.11 attack has been seized” and “the U.S intelligence services are closely tracking on evidences”.

With regard to this, the U.S. high-ranking official in government said, “recently, exchange of messages between Al-Qaeda members has highly increased¡° and “this is similar to the situation when exchange of messages between Al-Qaeda members increased before 9.11 attack”.

He added, “ however, there is not concrete mention about target of attack, method, and time in messages”.

The U.S. F.B.I. spokesperson, Debra Weierman warned in an interview with AFP, on 18th, “we obtained information that Al-Qaeda had a plan to install explosion, after renting apartment in U.S” and “ residential apartment buildings can be new target for attack”.

▽ Political crisis of Bush= President Bush explained personally that he didn`t ignore terrorist`s alarm on 17th.

President Bush said in White House, “if I had known that terrorists would carry out large-scale flight attack on the morning of that fatal day, I would have stopped that using all my right¡°.

He also insisted, “fixing aftermath` has become second nature in Washington political world” and “there is political motive behind the criticism”.

Vice–President Dick Cheney, Defense Minister Donald Rumsfeld, the White House Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, etc, attended Sunday TV talk show on 19th and strongly defended President Bush`s leadership in confronting terrorism, ” some politicians are dividing national opinion by making national security as strategical subject . However, at this moment when 6 months are left for middle-elections, leaders of Democratic Party is reinforcing attack, demanding a hearing, establishment of independent inspector committee, and investigation of national affairs by Congress, etc.

Main press like New York Times, Washington Post, etc pointed out on 18th,“ this situation`s main reason is non-efficiency of administration and absence of co-operation rather than personal fault of President Bush” and “ Congress is leading attack on the White House, however, as Congress received same information from the U.S intelligence service, it should also take responsibility”.

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