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Glory Is Short And Dishonor Is Long

Posted May. 18, 2002 10:09,   


“In history books, sweet peaceful period is like dispersed spots here and there and only revolution and painful war covers up pages in black.”

Scene that President Kim Dae Jung`s son Mr. Hong-gul was called to the prosecution with haggard face, reminds me of this gloomy word what German philosopher Schopenhauer said.

It is due to sympathetic feeling that peaceful and glorious moments of five year`s regime by President Kim might have become only small spot and painful days filled most of his term.

The glory to win the Noble peace prize for the first time among our people, and impression to succeed the South-North summit for the first time after partition are just like empty dreams in parent`s heart, who have to send son to prison.

Criticism over one-sided appointment, which was brought out right after entering Cheong Wa Dae, and people`s avoidance due to showing of power by people close to the power was only the start.

The suspicion of compromise by three sons that didn`t allow President couple to sleep soundly, becoming the latter term, is likely to cover the whole term of President Kim by its dark shadow.

The third son is being treated to judicial settlement at first, however, I wonder whether the rest of the sons would be able to stand upright in front of law and public opinion or not, so that father can be relieved.

Hope for ending suffering of DJ by finishing his term, which has not even 9 months left, is like extravagant exception at this moment.

Why should such a harsh trial continue to persist with DJ, who became President at an age of 70 years after devoting himself in fight for democratization for life?

As a word of `inquiring which blade of scissors cuts paper is of no use` (economist Alfred marshal), inquiring what the origin of Mr. Hong-gul`s compromise is, whether it is due to poisonous mushroom near him or whether it is due to himself being tempted by them, is useless.

If `environmental change in Korea`, which surroundings made, after father became President was too heavy to bear by his morality, it means that parents` responsibility to have made so is also big.

Therefore, the biggest victim of this issue can be President Kim himself.

It is said that child grows up following father`s shadow because people glare at father, if son commits fault.

President Kim stated in an interview as next presidential candidate on 2nd June, 1997, ¡° the biggest responsibility of Mr. Kim Hyun Cheol matter lies with President (Kim Young-sam). Father can stop it (on the question that if he becomes President whether he has methods to cut off children`s involvement in national affairs).

That is why I am saying that matter of Mr. Kim Hyun-cheol is father`s responsibility¡°.

The history of dishonor that is repeated by only changing main actors re-appeared exactly after five years in accordance with period of regime.

It weighs on my mind that DJ, who promised it will never happen to me, observing former President`s son`s arrest, has to see his son`s case.

Does invisible hand or uncontrolled power guide children into slough of degeneration, if father becomes President?

Therefore, even though current candidate assure, `ominous prophecy` that similar issue can be repeated by next President, too, is coming to me.

What should people do for breaking chain of national tragedy?

Raising voice aftermath is easy, however, important thing is, if possible to prepare against such situation.

If it is possible through election, selecting which candidate would have the most effective precautionary behavior, in major election after 7 months?

President Kim had said, ¡°I have never told a lie. Only situation made me unable to keep promises¡°.

If this difficult theory is his political philosophy, today`s situation is same as expected disaster.

The first factor which voters should think over is honesty of candidate in order for our people, who were tolerant to lies of politicians, not to live another five years under unreliable regime.

If we choose candidate who change according to situation and position as well as change view of life, we might have to see the scene in which new President`s son is called to the prosecution again.

This is the reason why we should choose candidate who has coherent belief and self-persistence rather than skill for avoiding crisis by flowery words.

Today is gloomy for even talking about hope; however, we still have future to choose.

Lee Gyu-Min (Chief of Editorial Writers)