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`Gov. Still Oppresses the Press Using Civic Groups and Scholars `

`Gov. Still Oppresses the Press Using Civic Groups and Scholars `

Posted May. 15, 2002 09:03,   


Yong) of the Grand National Party (GNP) published on May 14 the White Paper entitled, `the Press Oppression History of the DJ Regime - the everlasting free press.`

Committee chairman Park remarked in the foreword of the paper, `The purpose of tax evasion investigation against the press during last year was not the press reform and the realization of taxation justice, but an attempt to extend the regime ultimately and to tame the press,` and added, `As all the main string pullers of the press oppression have resigned from their posts or arrested, it is clear the tax evasion and prosecution investigations started from a wrong perspective.`

Committee chairman Park also remarked, `The current regime has been using foxy tactics such as rigging the public opinions through some pro-ruling camp media, civic groups and government-patronizing scholars.`

In other hand, the GNP and the Millennium Democratic Party (MDP) staged a fierce battle during the session of the Culture and Tourism Committee in the National Assembly on May 14 concerning the unfairness issue of TV news programs and the views on the press shared by `Nosamo` (a group of people loving Roh Moo-Hyun) members.

GNP Rep. Shim Kyu-Cheol claimed, `Nosamo has a gang-like view on the press as it launches a smear campaign against the press critical to it and the regime while taking any measure or method available to it for that purpose.`

MDP Rep. Shin Ki-Nam criticized, `The remarks of chairman of the GNP Public Relations Committee Park Won-Hong saying the Munhwa Broadcasting Company (MBC) is a servant to the regime distorts the facts and encourages the regional hegemony.`

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