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[Editorial] `Reality Apart from Justification` of Candidate Roh

[Editorial] `Reality Apart from Justification` of Candidate Roh

Posted May. 15, 2002 09:04,   


Presidential candidate of MDP, Roh Moo-hyun stressed at a forum yesterday,

“I will turn political structure based on regionalism into politics based on policy at any cost”.

“Two leaders Kim Young-Sam and Kim Dae Jung became president after all, however, they were not able to promote reformation strongly due to regionalism”, is the justification of reformation what he says.

The problem is how and when he will achieve politics based on policy.

He should present it clearly and gain consensus of people. However, candidate Roh is

not able to do it.

The thing which candidate Roh did at first was to meet former President Kim and entrusted him the right of recommendation of Pusan mayor.

He explained it was for unifying past supporters of two Kim in the name of `New Big Democratic unification`, however, it was judged that his starting was wrong.

He crossed historic demand of cessation of three Kim era and re-appeared conventional strategic aspect by entrusting former President with the right of nomination.

If it goes on like this aim for political reformation which candidate Roh says would be suspected.

It is obvious that he was in a hurry without principle in order to win local elections.

It is approved by the case that the highest members of MDP demanded revealing of the method and period of political reformation.

He hesitates on the issue like representative of MDP, Han Hwa-Kap evaded method and period, “concrete program for political reformation is not in the progress” despite saying, “ we give up all the vested rights”.

It will weigh on stability of politics only.

Candidate Roh replied on matter of organizing new party in yesterday`s forum, “there is no difference by just changing shape and name like shocking show”. It is right.

However, he should not seek justification by words but pursue strategic benefit through action like fusion with Free Democratic Unification is not possible, but we can unify with FDU.